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Why is Solar becoming so popular?

Everywhere you go it seems you are seeing solar installations. They’re cropping up on houses as well as commercial and industrial buildings, but why? Is there something these building owners know that you don’t, or are they just more dedicated to the environment and are therefore willing to take the solar risk?

Environmental Benefits

Firstly, we do know that there are very significant environmental benefits to solar. It is a renewable source of energy that doesn’t deplete our earth’s resources at all. The sun is going to rise each day and shine on your building weather you’re profiting from it or not.

It also doesn’t put harmful emissions into the air like coal power, or produce annoying noise pollution as many wind power operations have proven to do. Solar can be installed on your roof without any negative effects. It is renewable, quiet and clean.

On top of this, flat roof buildings are the perfect place for solar panel installations because the space is there, it is clear and it is pretty much perfect. You don’t have to invest in more land, clear out additional space or significantly alter the existing space.

You will want to make sure that you have a roof that will last for the duration of the solar installation and make sure that all of your electrical equipment will still be easily accessible.

Lastly, as we all know, solar energy projects reduce strain on the power grid making it easier and more environmentally friendly to maintain. Your solar production will be at its highest right when the power consumption is at its highest, on sunny summer days when everyone’s running their cooling systems.

Financial Benefits

The government has realized the benefits to solar energy and is investing significant money each year to encourage building owners to consider this option.

In Ontario we have Feed-in-tariff (or FIT) programs whose goal is to offer compensation to renewable energy producers in order to give those who install projects like solar some price certainty and a long-term contract to instill confidence in their investment.

This is done through the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-in-Tariff program, launched in 2009 through the Green Energy Act. Any energy produced from your solar installation is first used for your power needs and then the extra is fed back into the grid for your profit.

The sales tax you pay on your solar project can also be decreased or eliminated by government rebates.

As solar projects become a more common thing, we are also seeing them add to building value as people see the potential financial benefit.

Community Benefits

As has already been mentioned, there are numerous benefits to the environment from solar technology. Ontario has also been focusing on using this new field to create jobs in Ontario.

Panel production, installation and research is all going to help provide profitable livings for fellow Ontarians. This is a fast-growing industry and as Ontario keeps up with and leads this movement, we will continue to see it benefit our economy.

Final Word

Solar is the wave of the future. Most people have considered it at some point, either on their own homes or on their commercial building. If you have or are considering it, make sure to go with a knowledgeable flat roofing contractor who knows the ins-and-outs of solar project requirements.

Having worked for a number of years in conjunction with a solar installation company, our General Manager knows how to best prepare a roof for a solar installation and what kind of things to be aware of before, during and after the install.

For more information about what to ask yourself when considering solar, read our “Considering Solar?” article which gives a number of questions you should ask yourself before committing.

Call Northern Seal today to schedule an appointment to discuss any needs your building may have before starting the project.