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Why do Regular Roof Inspections?

Would you buy a car and drive it for years without ever getting the brakes, oil or fluids checked? If you did, no one would be surprised when your car gave out before its time.

This same principle applies to your roof, but as your roof is so much more expensive an investment. It protects the rest of your building, and product or machinery inside, and is therefore very important to have regular inspections so that your roof lasts its expected lifespan.

Catching Damage Early

While some building owners are up on their roofs often, or at least go up for a look from time to time, many roofs are not monitored at all until a problem presents itself through water damage inside the building or a tenants unit.

Catching damage before the leak actually occurs can avoid expensive repairs both to your roof and the inside of the building. There is an old saying: “A stitch in time saves nine”, meaning catching the problem at the beginning can avoid nine times the repairs and expenses later on.

Repairs before a roof has leaked are simple. Repairs afterward often become more complex depending on the length of time the leak has remained and the channels the water has taken to enter a building.

It is often no longer a single patch, but cutting out sometimes extensive sections of damaged roof materials. In some cases where the roof has not been inspected for years, there can be such extensive damage that the best solution is a complete re-roof.

While this is usually only the case for leaks which have been ongoing for a long period of time, it is important to have an inspector check your roof periodically to avoid damage from getting this far.

Extend the Life of your Roof

Would it surprise you to find out that most building owners have to replace their roof before it gets even 80% of their expected lifespan?

Having to replace a roof early wastes valuable years of service life and significantly increases the cost of maintaining your building. Without regular inspections small problems often become large problems which eventually lead to either costly repairs or complete re-roofs.

Your roof, when maintained properly, should last decades but this isn’t possible without regular inspections and repairs. In the long-run, the cost of the problems that occur out of neglect far outweigh the cost of regular roof inspections and maintenance.

Extend your Warranty with Northern Seal

We take pride in our work and are happy to provide a five year warranty on all new installs. This warranty can be extended to a ten year labour warranty by having yearly roof inspections and regular maintenance.

This allows us to catch any problems before they grow, and to perform maintenance which, like a car, will extend the service life of your roof.

The Final Word

Just like you can be tempted to put off or skip an oil change on your car, we all know that the added wear just doesn’t justify the small immediate savings.

Likewise, it is tempting to skip regular inspections and maintenance on a roof for the same reasons, however the result is often the same. Just as the car wears down faster when not maintained, your roof will not achieve its life expectancy if not inspected and maintained regularly.

Call Northern Seal today to book your yearly roof inspection and take the first step toward peace of mind!