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Solar Panel Preparation

Solar is a fast-growing industry and our installers have the experience to make sure that your roof is ready for the job. Having worked in partnership with a solar-installation company in Guelph, our General Manager is well acquainted with the requirements for a solar installation.

Because solar is a long-term investment, building owners looking to install solar panels should take a good look at their roof first to make sure that they don’t have to replace or do any extensive roof repairs on it in the near future.

Solar panels also add weight to the roof and where weight is a consideration it is recommended to replace ballast, such as tar and gravel, with lightweight, single-ply membranes.

Single-ply membranes are the best substrate on which to install solar panels because they are clean and debris-free. When mechanically fastened they do not rely on rock to hold them on, which means that there is a lot less potential for damage to the solar panels.

Additionally, birds and other animals do not like to make nests on single-ply membranes as much as ballasted ones because they provide less friction and protection for their nests. Fewer birds and animals not only means cleaner roofs, but also cleaner and safer solar panels.

Make sure to get your roof inspected before starting a solar project, call Northern Seal today and make sure your roof is prepared to help make the best return on your investment.

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