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Residential Flat Roofing

Having a flat roof over part or your whole home can give a modern, attractive feel. It can also open more options for the use of space through balconies or walk-out roof areas which would otherwise have been pitched roof.

However, while flat roofs add more options and flexibility to the use of space over your home, consideration must be given to the product to ensure reliability.

DIY Solutions

When working with a flat roof it is important to remember that it is a specialized product, requiring specific high-grade materials.

Many DIY home owner solutions lead to more costly roof repairs later as incorrect products or procedures are used which increase the amount of damage to an area before it is properly repaired.

If you are going to attempt a repair, be sure to contact your flat roofer first to discuss your plan and what products would be appropriate for the application. Roofing materials must stand up to harsh weather and material degrading UV light which makes caulking and other materials you get from your local home improvement store inappropriate for use on flat roofs.

Your Flat Roof Should Last

Flat roofs should last as long as your shingles. A properly installed flat roof should last for approximately 15-20 years, depending on the conditions it is exposed to and the care and maintenance you give to it.

Things like clogged drains and pooling water should be taken care of immediately so as to avoid larger problems such as sagging and mould, but for the most part your roof should be pretty low-maintenance.

Without proper precautions, regularly walking on or using your roof as a balcony can significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof as the roofing membranes are not made to withstand more than incidental foot traffic. For this reason we always recommend installing some sort of decking above your waterproofing membrane.

Many decking options are available and we can help you find one that fits your budget and the design and feel of your home.

If you are walking directly on the waterproofing membrane we highly recommend having your flat roof inspected every few years. This will keep you up to date on the life expectancy of your roof and will catch any problems while they are still minor repairs.

Always Call a Flat Roofer

Any time you have work done on your flat roof or where it transitions to another product make sure to bring in your flat roofer to make sure things are sealed properly.

A shingler or other contractor is not a flat roofer. Flat roofs have unique problems and procedures and they often also require specific products to allow them to work to their potential. Each product has a specific sealer that performs tasks based on the molecular structure of the roofing product and using the wrong one will simply not perform the required task (e.g. Many caulkings will not stick to specific types of roof material).

Your flat roofer is familiar with all of the products and the method of applying each. Make sure to call in not only a roofing professional, but the right professional.

When in Doubt, Call

Interior repairs are costly, invade your privacy and could cause damage to the structure of your home. Make sure to call your flat roofer any time you have questions about the function of your roof.

Call Northern Seal today with any questions regarding your residential flat roof.