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Economical Roofing Solutions That Will Last.

Whether small offices or large industrial buildings, whatever your situation, whatever the size of your roof, we’ve got you covered. From roof maintenance and roof repairs to re-roofs and solar prep.

Kitchener Roofing Services

Northern Seal Roofing is a professional, trusted full service roofing contractor that has been proudly serving Kitchener and the entire KW region for many years.

We are qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of the roofing industry from roof inspections and roof replacements to roof repair services and solar panel preparation.

We understand that leaks can happen at anytime so we’re got you covered day and night with our 24/7 emergency roof repair service.

Contact us now to get the trusted, reliable roofing service you’ve been looking for.

Kitchener Roof Repair

“Leaks don’t limit themselves to office hours, neither do we.” We make sure to be available whenever you need us.

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Kitchener Roof Replacement

Affordable. Durable. Professional.
Northern Seal makes the roof replacement process as simple for you as possible.

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Kitchener Roof Inspections & Maintenance

Our Preventative Roof Maintenance Plan will ensure that a professional is inspecting and assessing your roof on an annual basis and keeping you up to date on any growing concerns.

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